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Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

Telecom expense management services by Amer-tel Inc. helps lower your organization's long distance, local calling, international calling, data and internet costs while ensuring excellent quality of service. Once we determine the telecom services best suited for your organization's needs and budget, Ameri-tel will analyze your current telecom contracts and compare them to the rates of other carriers and providers. You are then presented with the analysis.

One of the best and easiest ways to experience our service is to take advantage of our Free Phone Bill Analysis.

Telecom Provider Management Services

  • Service Needs Analysis
  • Vendor Evaluation/Selection and Management
  • Rate Negotiation
  • Office Re-location Service & Transfers
  • Invoice Accuracy & Auditing
  • Ongoing Account Management & Customer Service

Telecom Service Procurement

  • Local, Long Distance and International Voice Services
    Best-of-class, cost-effective service from the world’s largest providers, including AT&T and Sprint, as well as from an assortment of regional carriers.
  • Data Services
    Private Lines, including Point-to-Point and Multi-Point; MPLS network service; Frame Relay and ATM for multi-media (voice/video/data) transport requirements
  • Internet Services
    Dedicated IP from 56K up to T1, T3, OC-3, etc., and burstable IP from an array of Tier 1 Internet Service Providers and/or Specialty ISPs.