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Managed Services & IP Telephony Staffing

Ameri-tel Inc. is an Engineering Business Process Outsourcer (BPO) and Managed Services provider that enables organizations to implement cost-effective IP Telephony sourcing and staffing strategies.

Ameri-tel Manager Services & IPT Staffing

We empower value-added resellers, managed service providers, cloud service providers and distributors to implement and integrate a global operational methodology to deliver world class services.

If you are are organization that is facing challenges in capacity, coverage capabilities and/or margin pressures, Ameri-tel provides organizational agility in a highly measured operational model.

Managed Service Offerings

  • Full range of IT & Business Process Services
  • US-based firm with global delivery
  • 24x7x365 Operations
  • Proven Training Methodology
  • Quality Managed Services & Staffing
  • Unified Communications
  • Telecom Expense Management
  • Converged Networking
  • Program Management
  • Field Services
  • Service Desk
  • Network Operations

Ameri-tel helps transform your operational delivery model from traditional support services to full solution lifecycle management.

We enable your business transformation with a comprehensive approach to Quality Management with a methodology that is scalable, pragmatic and global, and we adapt to the unique business need of our service provider clients, delivering business value through our talent management.

Industry trends in Managed Services

“100% say they cannot meet all their IT service needs internally; 73% rely on outsourcing to deliver new technologies.”
– Gartner Group survey (480 IT Directors, CIO’s, business leaders)

“ To remain competitive, many companies outsource as a way to reduce or stabilize costs, focus on core competencies, increase efficiencies, refocus critical resources, and keep up with rapidly advancing technologies.”

Managed Services for Telephony/UC (Unified Communications) are second only to routers/network in demand.

96.6% of UC customers sign up for maintenance and 76.7% of those sign up for Remote Remediation Services

(Nemertes Research)

Ameri-tel Manager Services & IPT Staffing

Why Engineering BPO Services?

Ameri-tel Manager Services & IPT Staffing

The Telephony Management Challenge

Less budget allocated to telephony

  • Reduced capacity
  • Less flexibility

No tolerance for downtime

  • Staffing challenges with training and retention

More complexity

  • Application Integration and Scalability

Increasing demand

  • More companies operate on 24x7 model

Device explosion

  • BYOD & Mobility are a growing, vital component of UC
  • Wireless enables transport

Ameri-tel Managed Services as a Glance


Managed services is the practice of transferring day-to-day related management responsibility as a strategic method for improved effective and efficient operations.


Managed Services provide a disciplined operational delivery model with our highly competent analysts and engineering resources from our corporate locations.


This approach of balancing resources maximizes both our understanding of your needs and our ability to deliver economical high value services. Regardless of the amount of work that is done centrally, the ongoing involvement of management resources in information exchange, risk mitigation, and operational management ensures successful delivery time after time.

Service Requirements

Support Sourcing Strategy:

Our clients require Ameri-tel to provide Enhanced Managed Services to replace and extend their existing operations support model. Ameri-tel’s service strategy incorporates support of OEM equipment and applications and 3rd party related applications into a single seamless delivery model. The solution requires the following services:

  • Single Point of Contact Service Desk – requires a single point of contact for all system and end user support of the UC infrastructure, related 3rd party software and Agency Carrier services.
  • Change and Configuration Management – End user Move, Add and Change and system configuration changes requests.
  • Release Management – UC and related 3rd Party Software updates, patch/fix and major release management and installation.
  • System Administration – Day to day management of the application and system management. Including backup and review of system status.
  • Incident Management – Provide engineering support to remediate issues related to the UC infrastructure and related 3rd party applications.

Portfolio of Services

Ameri-tel Manager Services & IPT Staffing

Delivering a Seamless Experience

Ameri-tel Manager Services & IPT Staffing

Solution-focused Operations Team

Ameri-tel provides a faster, more efficient support service experience based on solution-focused and collaborative support delivery

What is solution-focused delivery?

  • Technical specialists and service associates trained in full solution skills, not just products
  • Leveraging collaboration among product and support experts to quickly identify and resolve issues

How does the process work?

  • Client service requests are assigned to teams based on:
    • Solution/product expertise
    • Certifications
    • Client knowledge
  • Support team will own a request from first contact through resolution

What are the benefits moving forward?

  • Provides consistent and seamless service request process with singular support team ownership
  • Enhances support of complex environments
  • Improving process efficiencies reducing client intervention

Relationship Management

Our mission is to build strong relationships within the customer’s management and executive teams as a trusted advisor. Service Management roles include a Senior Account Executive, Technical Account Manager and a Service Delivery Manager with the following core responsibilities:

  • Reporting
  • Service Level Compliance
  • Performance
  • Financial
  • Operational
  • Support Manual
  • Change Administration
  • Issue Management
  • Relationship
  • Governance
  • Issue Resolution
  • Contracting

Key Benefits

Ameri-tel Manager Services & IPT Staffing

Why Managed Telephony & Unified Communications?

  • Reduce risk
  • Future-proof your operational model
  • Reduce cost
  • Improve delivery & performance

Technical Service Desk - Telecom Domain Experts

Ameri-tel provides a blend of high touch customer service management and Unified Communications domain knowledge that gives our clients the confidence to engage us on their mission critical processes across Enterprise and SMB platforms from Avaya, CISCO and Microsoft Lync.

  • 100+ FTEs (full time equivalents) in dedicated and shared service teams
  • Supporting VARs, System Integrators, Managed Service Providers
  • Certified Engineers from manufacturers at all levels
    • Tier1: Triage, MAC, Event Monitoring and Initial Troubleshooting
    • Tier2: Complex MAC, Upgrades and troubleshooting
    • Tier3: Escalations, Implementation, RCA and Problem Management

Service Desk Clients - Case Study Highlights

Two large enterprise Avaya UC clients with dedicated service teams. Both teams integrated with US Based resourcing and Remote support.

Ameri-tel Manager Services & IPT Staffing

Onsite Services - Hardware Support Services

  • Designed to cost-effectively maintain and service our clients’ high availability networking and communications and specialty equipment
  • Ameri-tel single source servicing model providing onsite reach w/ remote engineering expertise

Ameri-tel Manager Services & IPT Staffing

Onsite Services - Service Level Options

  • Possible SLA Structures
  • Differentiated vs. Variable
  • May depend on lines of business
  • Business, operating hours or criticality of equipment must be verified
  • Less critical equipment not priced with higher SLA support than is necessary
  • International partners held to same SLA standards

Ameri-tel Manager Services & IPT Staffing

Onsite Service Highlights

  • 50 States Coverage and Canada II
  • End User Training (Remote also available)
  • Awarded and in progress on 900 Site Rollouts
  • High client satisfaction
  • On-time and implemented defect free
  • Retail and Financial Services Clients

VOIP Readiness Assessment

Ameri-tel provides complete analysis of end-to-end data networks, recording important measurements such as bandwidth, utilization, throughput, loss, jitter, latency and MOS. Our thorough approach to assessments helps us answer the following questions:

  • Is this LAN & WAN capable of supporting VoIP?
  • Are the service level agreements being met by the service providers?
  • What configuration faults need to be fixed?
  • What components need upgrading?
  • What is the call load capability?
  • What is the best and worse call quality given a variety of conditions?

Ameri-tel's Network Assessment solution delivers true value to your business. Our ability to evaluate, diagnose, and troubleshoot the end-to-end path in an ongoing, real-time manner is what sets us apart from the competition.

  • Non Intrusive

    Extremely light touch means you we can assess any live network at any time without impacting other applications.

  • Simple Deployment

    No remote agents are deployed and it provides complete visibility of the end-to- end path, including into ISPs and across traditional demarcation lines.

  • Powerful Diagnostics

    Pinpoints exact cause and location of a problem so action can be taken immediately to fix it.

  • Superior Reporting

    Automatically generated detailed reports, including summaries and graphs, clearly outline the network's strengths and shortcomings.

Ameri-tel Manager Services & IPT Staffing

Ameri-tel Manager Services & IPT Staffing