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Avaya G150 Media Gateway

G150 Media Gateway
The Avaya G150 Media Gateway is designed for smaller-scale deployments of small branch offices with 2-12 users. The G150 Media Gateway includes a 4-port Layer 2 switch and can be configured with an optional T1, PRI, BRI or WAN interface, as well as survivable voicemail and an integrated 802.11b Access Point.

Ideally suited for enterprises with distributed branch office locations requiring 2-12 extensions, the Avaya G150 Media Gateway includes an IP telephony gateway, Wireless Access Point, LAN switch, and WAN router in a single, compact chassis.

The Avaya G150 has an advanced TDM/IP architecture that provides seamless connectivity between analog and H.323 telephony devices and applications. The G150 Media Gateway is also an edge router, designed to support the consolidation of voice and data traffic over IP. The Avaya G150 has an available WAN Slot for Optional voice WAN card interfaces (V.35, V.24, X.21, T1, and Quad-BRI), or it can connect to an external WAN device via a fixed 10/100 Ethernet WAN router port.