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Get a quote on Avaya maintenance

Complete the form below to get a price on maintenance for your Avaya network and equipment.
Avaya System Information

Our pricing is based on the number of active ports served by your Avaya system. This can be determined from your System Capacity Report (aka Display Capacity Report). If you need assistance, please call us at (877) 842-0888.

"Service response" refers to the time of day that system issues are resolved. Business day coverage (M-F, 8-5) is our most popular plan. Our 24x7 coverage satisfies those who prefer their issues to be resolved ASAP, no matter the time of day.

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Avaya-specialized Maintenance Plans

Protect your Avaya investment and ensure maximum uptime with maintenance plan from Ameri-tel. Priced at up to 30% less than similar Avaya maintenance plans offered by Avaya and others, Ameri-tel's maintenance plans provide reliable and complete support services that are tailor-made to protect your Avaya investment and maximize uptime.

Month-to-Month agreements!

Ameri-tel's maintenance plans for Avaya are available as Month-to-Month agreements, with no penalty for cancellation. While many of our customers prefer to lock in their maintenance price with yearly and multi-year contracts, those who take advantage of our Month-to-Month agreements enjoy the same level of protection and service without the worry of having to pay early termination fees.

Maintenance Plan Features & Services

System & Network Monitoring

24/7/365 real-time monitoring of your Avaya systems and networks for locations across the nation enables identification of system troubles the moment they occur.

Extended Avaya Hardware Warranty

Ameri-tel maintenance plans for Avaya provide extended warranty coverage for your Avaya system equipment, with optional coverage that includes telephone sets as well.

Diagnostics & System Analysis

When alarms or system issues occur, diagnostics are performed to determine the nature of the issue, the appropriate course of action, and the personnel best suited to resolve the problem.

Security Updates & Preventive Maintenance

As new Avaya security updates become available, we'll make sure your systems are up-to-date. We'll also proactively address issues before they become problematic.

Custom Alarm Notification

Receive communications on just about any device... however you or your staff wish to be notified of alarms or issues. You will also be notified that we're addressing the problem.

Replacement Equipment & Crash Kits

Replacement Avaya hardware will be at your site and ready to install within 24 hours. We also offer "Crash Kits" to be stored on-site, immediately available for installation.

Rapid Response & Resolution

With 4-hour response times for major alarms (24-hour for minor), your Avaya system and network issues will be resolved quickly. In many cases, we will have fixed the issues before you're aware the issues even existed.

Legacy System Support

Our Avaya Maintenance agreements cover legacy Avaya systems and equipment as well. If you're satisfied with the performance of your older systems, gain additional comfort with our layer of support.

Your Choice of Technicians

Whether you prefer expert, Avaya-qualified technicians to address your system troubles, or actual Avaya OEM technicians instead, the choice is yours.

24-Hour, 7 days-a-week Coverage

Major alarms and failures are covered 24/7/365, with business day coverage for minor alarms and issues (M-F, 8am-5pm). We also offer 24/7/365 support options for minor alarms.

Maintenance Plan Features

  • Remote monitoring and diagnostics
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Parts and labor
  • Remote trouble resolution
  • After-hours support
  • System security checks
  • Technical support and assistance
  • Emergency service plans
  • Intelligent dispatch of qualified Avaya and expert technicians best suited to resolve the particular problem(s) encountered

Contract Terms

  • Month-to-month agreements can be canceled at any time with no penalty (30-days notice required)
  • Contracts for one, two, three, or four years lock in pricing, and are available to most users
  • 8 am - 5 pm business day coverage for minor alarms, and 24-hour-a-day, 7-day-a-week coverage for major alarms and failures
  • Multi-year contracts lock in pricing for the term of the contract
  • Per-port equipment is reconciled on a yearly basis
  • 4-hour response times for major alarms and failures
  • 24-hour response times for minor troubles


  • Provides for simple, easy-to-understand billing for your AVAYA system
  • Pricing is based on the number of hardware ports for station and trunks