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Avaya DBM32 32-Button Expansion Module

The Avaya Digital Button Module DBM32 provides 32 additional buttons with dual LEDs to the Avaya 1416 Digital Phone.

Avaya DBM32 32-Button Expansion Module Features

  • Up to 3 DBM32s can be connected to an Avaya 1416 phones
  • DBM32 requires an 1151D1 external power supply when connected to 1416 phone
  • The total number of DBM32/BM32 button modules supported on one IP Office system is 32, subject to the total system limits
  • Max of 2 DMB32 per 1416 on IP Office Rel 6 Partner Version
  • For "Navigator" users - receptionists, assistants, managers

Product Code: 700469968

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Avaya DBM32 Expansion Button Module