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Avaya 4601 IP Phone

The Avaya 4601 IP Telephone is an entry-level telephone with two call appearances, eight fixed feature buttons, and a message waiting indicator.

The Avaya 4601 IP Phone does not support a display, speaker or additional port for connection of an external PC. It does not support static addressing.

Avaya 4601 IP Phone Features

  • Basic Single Line Telephone (Non-Display)
  • DHCP Server strongly recommended
  • Optional features available
  • 2 DSS Keys with Lamps Capable of Acting as Feature Buttons
  • Requires a Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP) Server on Network for software loading and transfer to IP phones
  • REQUIRES AC Adapter (700356447) or PoE
  • Color: Dark Grey

Product Code: 700381890

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Avaya 4601 IP Telephone