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Ameri-tel Inc. is a nationwide business provider of AVAYA phone systems, Avaya maintenance plans and service for Avaya.

We have decades of experience providing AVAYA (formerly Lucent/AT&T) solutions and services to Fortune 500 corporations and organizations of all sizes.


Be sure to visit our Avaya Products & Solutions showcase for product-specific information about the Avaya Products & Solutions we provide.

We were hoping to have most of our Avaya catalog ready to go on the new site by now, but we've been extremely busy handling incoming requests for our Avaya maintenance plans and free phone bill analysis.

Both of these services have always been aimed at providing excellent value for our customers, saving them significant amounts of money while delivering dependable service. While we anticipated a slight increase in customer requests due to the economic slowdown, we weren't expecting nearly the surge in volume that we've experienced. To all of our new customers, we thank you again.

As for our web site's Avaya catalog, we are continuing to add more products. We should have most of them up by the end of March. If you are having trouble finding a product on this new site (or our old site), do not hesitate to contact us either through the web site's contact form or by calling us toll-free at 1-877-842-0888.

We have a new website here at Ameri-tel Inc., and we hope that some of its new features will come in handy for our users and visitors. There are still some odds and ends to take care of, and we'll be polishing those up while updating our Avaya phone system catalog over the next few days.

If you are looking for information from our previous website, you can access it here: the former You can also call us should you need pricing or information on our Avaya products, services and maintenance plans (1-877-842-0888).

Our Free Phone Bill Analysis service will help your company in its quest to save on monthly local, long distance calling, data and internet costs.

Thanks for visiting us at the New Jersey League of Municipalities' Annual Convention in Atlantic City, N.J., and congratulations to Kathy C. from Egg Harbor, N.J. for winning our grand prize giveaway!